Posted by: ryanmontbleau | December 13, 2011

The Neverending Tour-y and The New Record

We sold out two nights at Fairfield Theatre Company’s small room this weekend. Last week we sold out the Paradise in Boston with Assembly of Dust. Two weeks before that we sold out City Winery in New York City. That was the end of a two-month tour during which we played 37 cities, carrying seven guys and pulling a 6×12 trailer with our new van. I can’t say many of those were sell-outs, but every night there was a crowd of some sort (except for Athens, GA, but that’s still a great town) and every night was positive.


It all feels on the up and up. My body has suffered some from all of the touring, but the shows have been feeling outstanding for the most part. I read Livingston Taylor’s book “Stage Performance”  while on tour and it has really rocked my world as far as being on stage. You may not see a big difference, but I certainly feel one. I’m there to observe you, not the other way around. Amazing.


A couple of notes about my forthcoming “New Orleans” record:


–It is not a record of New Orleans music. I did the recording session in the crescent city with four of its amazing, amazing people and players (George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville, Anders Osborne, Simon Lott, plus producer Ben Ellman), but we did a mix of originals and semi-deep covers of the funk/soul/R&B variety. It is very different from other records I have done.


–It looks like it’s coming out May 15th. We had to push it back slightly mainly because…


–I will be my own record label again. This is not something new, I’ve never in my career had an actual record deal (although I did sign a small distribution deal a few years ago for “Patience on Friday” and ended up owing that label money. Awesome…) I thought that something might work out for this new album and for the first time I was actually looking forward to the opportunity to really work with a label. There was definitely some interest, but in the end I’m going it alone again. Well, not alone, I’ve got two managers, an agent, Trader Dan, the band, Ryan Laurey, friends, fans, family, and soon a temporary publicist if I can raise the funds.


–So I think we’re starting a Kickstarter, or PledgeMusic campaign in January. I’ve always been leery about going to the fans for funding. But selling the house concerts on eBay is what allowed me to make this record in the first place. I think we can have some fun with putting it out and I will only do it because people get something directly for what they give. Incentives, y’all…


What else… Oh, hoping to blog more. Heh…



  1. I’ll cheerfully support your effort come January. I want to hear this music!

  2. I would love to win one of those house concerts, either whole band, or solo acoustic!

  3. We’ve got your back Ryan. Just let us know when the campaign is on.

  4. Thanks for writing y’all…I will try to say yuz guy’s more often…Glad your getting some good turn outs…Jackye and I caught the show in Memphis at the Shell…Very cool venue…Just wanted to say hope you and yours have a fantastic 2012…We will see yuz guy’s down the road…Peace Always

  5. If Paradise was anything like last year’s show, I’m sure that it felt phenomenal! Athens will come around…

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